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1895 a time for poetry and other written works, but that's not all. Monsters and creatures of the night are real, they walk among us and we must learn to live with them, somehow or fight for our survival.
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 canons and claims, must claim
 Posted: Oct 4 2017, 07:24 AM
ancient years old
STATUS: Offline

the claims

Please use a human representation for your character's face claims. You can use their actor's faces from the shows and movies or replace them with another of your choice, , however, all roles must stay gender-based, there's no altering their genders on here, please. Ages are to be accurate with the verse they're from, no exceptions. Of course, these are mostly guessed as no ages are actually given. If unsure of ages, please ask a staff member.

first last taken claim
first last open claim
first last inactive claim


--- red riding hood › phoebe tonkin › mayhem › mar 23
--- last › alias › month day
--- last › alias › month day
--- last › alias › month day

grimm's fairy tales

gretel - face claim
hansel - face claim
little red riding hood - face claim
shoemaker - face caim
tom thumb - face claim

penny dreadful

dorian grey - reeve carney
ethan chandler - josh hartnett
malcolm murray - timothy dalton
the creature - rory kinnear


carl - david wenham
frankenstein - face claim
gabriel vanhelsing - hugh jackman - played by CHAOS

18th century

lawrence talbot - jake gyllenhaal - played by SABE

to reserve

[code]<b>--- last</b> › alias › month day<br/>[/code]

to claim

<a href="link to shipper">character name - celeb - played by ALIAS</a>
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