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 member list claims, must claim
Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 07:24 AM
The Crone
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the claims

     Please use human representation for your character's face claims. You can use their actors faces from the shows and movies or replace them with another of your choice, however all roles must stay gender based, there's no altering their genders on here please. Ages are to be canon with the shows, no exceptions. Of course these are mostly guessed as no ages are actually given. If unsure of ages, please ask a staff member.

group colours

hero :: #eca7f1 someone who has faced their darkness and have become a hero, pure of heart.
villain :: #9d65e7 someone who's heart has remained dark, perhaps their torment of their darkness is just beginning.
neutral :: #f1c7a7 someone who has the potential for good or evil deeds, or someone who is an outsider and whom has yet to face the question 'who are you destined to be?'


mayhem plays

regina the grey - 37 - lana parilla - regina mills
red riding hood - 27 - meghan ory - ruby lucas

chaos plays

Van Helsing - 35 - Hugh Jackman - Mason Ashcroft

beka plays

belle - 27- emilie de ravin - belle french
mersi - 22 - kacey rhol - mersi stalworth

cam plays

rumpelstiltskin - 55 - robert carlyle - mr. gold
Mulan - 29 - Jamie Chung - Hua Mulan

Gist plays

Tiana Dracula - 19 - Holland Roden - Tiana Michaelson


Dr. Facilier - 32 - Daniel Francis - Baptiste Loa

raven plays

Raven Dracula - 23 - Katie McGrath - Melanie Bloodthorne

Sabe plays

Lawrence Talbot - 37 - Jake Gyllenhaal - Creighton Ward
to claim

<h3>alias plays</h3> <a href="link to app">fairy tale name</a> - age - [b]face claim[/b] - <span id="hero,villain,neutral">real world name</span>


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