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 the canons, must read
Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 07:23 AM
The Crone
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site canons

     Because of Frankenstein we will accept characters from his tale, which could include characters from Van Helsing, from where the movie ends. note Dracula is gone, but his descendants have not! More of Frankenstein's tale continues in, Penny Dreadful and we pick up where the show ended. Captain Nemo, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are also on ouat and because of their association with one another we're also willing to accept characters from the movie, the League of Extraordinary gentlemen.

Other potential canons we're willing to explore with you are, Gods and Demi Gods from the Greek mythos... Remember though that even God's can die and can move on. Any who have done just that on the show or were mentioned as being, on another plane are none playable here, but the rest are open to negotiation.

the key
first last deceased.
first last inactive.


taken characters

belle - belle french - 27
Dr. Facilier - Baptiste Loa- 32
Lawrence Talbot - Creighton Ward - 37
mersi - mersi stalworth - 21
mulan - hua mulan - 29
raven dracula - - 23
red riding hood - ruby lucas - 27
regina the grey - regina mills - 37
rumpelstiltskin - mr. gold - 55
Tiana Dracula - Tiana Michaelson - 19
Van Helsing - Mason Ashcroft - 35

none ouat canons that are WANTED!

allan quatermain is deceased and is the starting point for any league characters to begin their tales.

captain nemo has a story to tell for sure, he has associations with our oncer's and with the league members.

dracula's descendants Dracula is deceased but his three children survived - we are looking for one more direct descendant, a male!

dorian gray With all his power, all his wealth he is looking for that one special person to be his significant other but not his equal he is far superior and is a lover of many finer things in life, he is bi-sexual and has ties to professor James Moriarty.

frankenstein's monster / the creature in Penny Dreadful he has a heart the size of a giant, he has morals and is very fond of poetry. In Vanhelsing he was used as the source of power to bring Dracula's children to life.

frankenstein's monster's bride / lily An evil woman who thrives on the suffering of others. Former lover of Dorian and Ethan who was meant to be the creature's wife, but of course she wanted more.

invisible man he doesn't want anyone else to be like him (invisible) he loves being unique and is the franchise which no doubt earns him top dollar for most illegalities such as robbing banks.

jekyll & hyde are both deceased but those who have an association to them are welcomed here.

mina harker A former lover of Dracula and Dorian Gray, she's a chemist whom hopes to cure vampirism.

sir malcolm murray his tale begins with the loss of his daughter and his somewhat lover vanessa. His goals are to rid the world of dangerous things that ought not exist in this world, ever.

vanessa ives deceased and is the starting point for our dreadful's to begin their tales and for a way to remember her.

the wolf of god ethan chandler's tale begins with him ending his lovers life (vanessa), ending her suffering and keeping others safe from her plight.


mulan - RESERVED for cam until 14/01

to claim

[url=link to accepted app]fairy tale name - real world name - age[/url]

to reserve

[u]fairy tale name - RESERVED for <span id="hero, villain, neutral">alias</span> until dd/mm[/u]
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