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 the plot, must read
Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 07:21 AM
The Crone
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starting point

It's not magic, its science!

In ouat we have seen a little about the land without colour and from there we have met Dr Frankenstein. From the land of Untold Stories we met Dr Jekyll and Captain Nemo, well here on Darker side of Light we want to learn more about these characters who have such dark; untold stories to tell and of your own darker sides.

Our aim is to re-write the ending of season Six so that we get to keep our beloved characters, there is a section for the time jump of the next season if you want to explore those aspects on the show. In order to keep the timeline in tact we've come up with another curse.

All Magic comes at a price!

This Black Fairies curse, saw the battle between Gideon and Emma happen as it did on the show, where Gold and Swan both made a selfless choice which undid the Black Fairies final battle curse.

Life was pretty damn perfect in Storybrooke until the six month anniversary of the final battle came around. A black cloud engulfed the town, which took everyone to the Enchanted Forest. Everyone scattered around the story realms, with their memories of the past six years in tact, unaware of what is happening within them all. This curse, has yet to be realised and the culprit yet to be found.

It's clear though that the black fairy, had an ally and that ally has the upper hand and perhaps has the last laugh over those happily ever after stories!

Evil isn't born, its made!

Everyone will face a darkness within them as they meet these untold stories of these seemingly new characters, each of them have crosses to bear, personal vendetta's to uphold and with their memories of Storybrooke in tact, some will want to find their way back to the land without magic and perhaps an inner struggle with loved ones will arise as some may want to stay in the land that they thought was gone for good.

Please head on over to our Canon list to see some further changes to our Storybrooke bunch and take a look at those characters we are willing to explore.

* No Matter where your characters are, if they were doing bad things, typically being 'Evil' with their talents then they too will be caught up in our curse. They will be transported to the Enchanted Forest along with everyone else from Storybrooke. The Enchanted Forest is our common ground, our meeting place where we start to see the curse unfold within us all. *

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