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1895 a time for poetry and other written works, but that's not all. Monsters and creatures of the night are real, they walk among us and we must learn to live with them, somehow or fight for our survival.
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 the plot, must read
 Posted: Oct 4 2017, 07:21 AM
ancient years old
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site plot

It started with a single person's account of something horrific that had happened to them, or someone they once knew. This survivor told another person, the whisper of a tale began and grew into something of a Legend. That Legend was one of Dracula and we all know how it began, where it began and how it ended with his death.

His off-spring are out-there, looking to thrive in this world without their maker. Everyone that once heard the tale of monsters in the night now must find their way in this dark world and somehow find the light, something good to hold onto to somehow make sense of all of this darkness. It is a time of poets and writers to voice and inspire hope and love in others, but its almost definitely a time of monsters and darker times to come.

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