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1895 a time for poetry and other written works, but that's not all. Monsters and creatures of the night are real, they walk among us and we must learn to live with them, somehow or fight for our survival.
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 The Rules, #MustRead
 Posted: Oct 4 2017, 04:40 AM
ancient years old
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darker side of light

site rules

 Welcome to the darker side of light we're a creature feature and monster fest based forum.

We're set in the late 18th Century and are looking for any character based in that time, monsters, supernaturals, creatures of the night in general.

  1. registration

    Please register with your characters first and last name's in regular caps.
  2. characters

    We accept canons based in our time and original character creations, we do not have a cap for how many characters you can have, all we ask is that you understand your own limits.
  3. claims

    Our Canons, Face Claims and Member Directory have been combined into one thread, for ease of access. They can be found here.
  4. reservations

    To reserve a canon or a face claim, please use the coded format supplied in our C&C thread. Reserves last for 7 days, from the date you post.
  5. application

    We've combined the app process with plotting. Copy and paste the shipper code into a new thread and don't forget to name your shipper something character appropriate.
  6. posting

    We do not have a word count in place, all we ask is that you give your posting partners enough to go on. Communication is key to plotting, please do so however you see fit.
  7. activity checks

    We don't do them here, because we ask that each of our members fill in a census. Once filled in we'll monitor your posting and contact you should you go MIA.
  8. leave of absence

    Can be made in here should you need one, or contact a staff member via PM.
  9. profiles & mini profiles

    Avatars are 250w x 400h, Please fill in the information in these areas by going to MY CONTROLS and EDIT Profile.
  10. signatures

    Are to be no wider than 550px.
  11. advertising

    Please post in the correct forums.
    One Ad per site.
    Bumping your ad is allowed once every 7 days.
    Your ads are checked for double posting, double posts get deleted.
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member!
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