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 The Rules, #MustRead
Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 04:40 AM
The Crone
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site wide rules

     Welcome to the darker side of light we're an Alternate Universe, moderate to advanced Once Upon a Time based RPG.

We're AU because we're not going from season 6 to the time jump in season 7. However future tales may be told in our time warp forum. We're continuing the oncer's stories in real time.

We do accept original characters. For more information about our characters, please head to our CANONS to see which dark tales we're willing to explore! Any darker themed stories can be told, as long as the character has an association with one or more Oncer's.


registration & characters

           01. Please register with your fairytale or folk lore names.
     02. We do not have a cap for how many characters you can have, all we ask is that you understand your own limits.
03. Our rules on our claims can be found in our claims thread, please see below.
04. Create your shipper applications by copying the code template in here HERE and pasting it directly into a new topic. Please title your app something fitting, because its also your shipper. If unsure of what we mean, please check out the accepted apps to see our format. Thanks.
The only information we are looking for in the app section is a detailed, well written account of the character's personality, their wants and desires, their needs and so on. Once you've completed your app, please wait for it to be accepted before completing your CLAIMS.
reservations last for 7 days from the date you reserve.
pending application accounts will be sent a PM should edits need to be made.


posting and activity

           01. W're looking for at least one post every week from each of your characters. So if you have two characters that means you're required to post twice a week.
02. We do not have a post count but we do expect to see the proper use of English in all of your threads and we ask that you give the replier something to work with, so more than three lines or sentences is required by all.
03. We are a mature forum, with hopefully persons aged 18 or over, but for sensitivity reasons we ask that all Mature themed threads be marked clearly with [M] for mature or [T] for trigger content or at least be marked in someway in the topic title area. Mature does not mean we're open to explicit content, the odd word here and there is fine but we do not want to see detailed porn.
     04. We do not have an activity check here every month, we simply monitor activity and watch for people up and leaving without a word.
04. If you need to take some time away, you can do so in our Hail & Farewell forum. Please let us know the date, you plan to return so that we can keep your characters safe from deletion. For more information on leave of absences, please SEE THIS THREAD.

Graphics, Skins & Profile's

01. At the moment we only have one skin for you to use, in time there may be others so that you get to have a choice which one to use as your default.
02. Avatars are to be 250x400, Signatures are to be no larger than 500 pixels in width. Gif are to be no larger than 150 squared, or 200x100.
03. Please fill in all of the information into the mini profile's and main profile areas so that we can see who and what you're characters are and so we can find your app and shipper info easily.    
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