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1895 a time for poetry and other written works, but that's not all. Monsters and creatures of the night are real, they walk among us and we must learn to live with them, somehow or fight for our survival.
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 Posted: Oct 4 2017, 10:07 AM
ancient years old
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frequently asked questions

  1. what member groups can we choose from?

    there are five groups to choose from.


    A fey is a creature which usually has supernatural abilities and a human-shaped form. A fey also usually connected to nature, or some other force or place. Many are based on faeries from mythology. Leprechauns, Dryads, Nymphs etc all fit into categories like this or could.


    A giant is a humanoid-shaped creature of great strength and size. Ogres, Cyclops, and trolls usually fit the description of giants.


    These usually have monstrous or animalistic features. This would include creatures like Werewolves and or Dragons.


    These are regular day to day people, who either know of these supernatural creatures or they do not.


  2. An undead is a once-living creature animated by spiritual or supernatural forces. Some, such as ghosts and vampires, ghouls, Frankenstein's creatures.
  3. can we have more forums to rp in?.

    the layout of the site is as minimal as I could make it, without having to scroll through many many forums that may go unused. sub-forums may be added into any of the main forums, upon request. Simply PM one of our helpful staff team.
  4. can we bring characters back from death?.

    dead - stay dead unless perhaps Frankenstein created you a monster.
  5. dracula descendants

    we are willing to accept THREE biological offspring or descendants of Dracula. He is dead, as are his wives and their three children could have sired many of their own.
    The vampire bloodline does not end with the death of its progenitor.
    NOTE: if at any-time we get over-run with vampires a cap may be put up for a time where we feel things have balanced out as far as species go.
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