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Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 10:07 AM
The Crone
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frequently asked questions

           can we have more forums to rp in?. the layout of the site is as minimal as I could make it, without having to scroll through many many forums that may go unused. sub-forums may be added into the fairy-tale realm upon request.

     can we bring characters back from death?. dead - stay dead unless you want them to become frankenstein's monsters. All magic comes at a price. If you can think up a valid price and consequence then we may consider it, depending on the character of course.

what mythological creatures are available? we will accept any creatures from Greek, Chinese or any other region that has/will be mentioned or seen on the show(s). However, most of these creatures are in fact or were once upon a time, human beings. We would love to see, the same happening here - curse your character with a creature curse, which in turn gives the witch behind the curse something tasty and vengeful or perhaps redeemable to do. For more information on creatures, click here, here and here.

what gods / demi-gods are available? the same applies as the above for creatures, any gods or demi-gods that have been on the show are open for application, those that have moved on (ie to eternal death or retired to mt. olympus) are none playable. For information on the Greek Gods, click here.

what other options are available to us? some of our lore was based in the late 18th or early 19th century, so we would love to see some characters from those time periods brought to life on here.

arthurian legends? yes they're acceptable here, we already have Morgan Le Fey in the making. Any such characters mentioned or visible on show as being dead, or otherworldly are not acceptable at this time.

dracula descendants lets show some originality here people, we do not want to see vampire named Dracula 100 times over, so why not stray away from the Dracula legend a little, get creative and show us what your fangs are made of.
NOTE: if at any-time we get over-run with vampire's a cap may be put up for a time where we feel things have balanced out as far as species go.

are Disney characters welcomed here? yes they are, if you can adapt their stories so that they lived in either the Enchanted Forest (never made it to the real world) or were cursed along with our oncer's then we will accept most if not all Disney characters.
Any such characters will be added to our canon list, upon approval.

portals, realms and lands within the stories. there is much confusion as to the actual lay of the land and because of this we want to simplify the worlds so that we can all get around, meet each other and so on and so forth.

All verses, whether ouat, other films or tv programs were once written in a book by an author or many authors, thus making them stories and (not real) in the real world magic does not exist, monsters, myths and such are not real they are simply stories that someone once 'made up'.

In the story-realms there are many lands, Camelot, Wonderland, Oz, The Enchanted Forest and many more such names which we have come to know from the OUAT verse. There are however story worlds based on the real world, places such as the 1800's London, Transylvania and so on where Penny Dreadful, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Van Helsing were based in that era.

Accessing these lands, is possible. Magic is real in the story-realm. Some of the known ways of getting around are listed below.
* Casting a spell, with the right ingredients to transport from one place to another
* Teleporting, in a cloud of smoke if you're a witch or magic user with great power.
* Magic Beans, are rare if thrown on the ground or into the sea can open a portal
* Tornado's, again cast with magic can transport you and objects to another place or time
* Looking Glass Mirrors, these have been enchanted and can be stepped through
* Mermaid, using echo location can find weak spots in barriers and find ways through them
* Pixie Dust, is very rare and is used to fly or make objects fly


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